Should I enable my GPU, my CPU, or both?

When running Salad, you have the option to enable either GPU mode, CPU mode, or both. Choosing which to run can depend the hardware on your machine, and how you wish to use Salad.

GPU only:

Your GPU is usually the most powerful, and fastest, single component in your PC for running Salad on. If you have a compatible GPU, enabling it will usually provide you with the most earnings. We don't recommend trying to play games, or anything GPU intensive while running your GPU however, as you may experience slowdowns, or crashes, in both Salad and your application or game. You may also experience error notifications if other processes are competing with Salad's resource needs. When you receive on of these notifications, Salad will block Container workloads until they are resolved.

CPU only:

Your CPU will usually be slower for Chopping with Salad than your dedicated GPU, but if you have an incompatible GPU (such as integrated graphics), or a very low end GPU model (such as a GT 1030 or GTX 1050), you may see higher earnings when running on your CPU if it's a mid-range or higher CPU model. Depending on your CPU model, and it's available specifications, you may still be able to run some other applications, or CPU-light games at the same time as running Salad, due to some CPU models not being able to use 100% of your available cores. If you have no compatible GPU installed, you will only be able to run Salad on your CPU.

GPU and CPU:

If you have a compatible GPU and CPU, enabling Salad for both can maximize your earnings by allowing Salad to run on both at the same time. When running with both enabled however, we strongly recommend leaving your PC fully idle, or enabling both only when you intend to go fully AFK from your PC, as it may become slow to use, even for basic tasks, whilst Chopping. The moment you stop Salad though, or move your mouse or keyboard after returning from AFK mode, Salad will automatically stop and your PC will return to full performance. With both GPU and CPU enabled, we recommend double checking the power draw, and power consumption, of your PC whilst in this state. As your CPU will usually earn less than your GPU, you may see a drop in total profit due to the increased power consumption of both devices at the same time if you have a high-power consumption CPU, or extremely high electricity rates.

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