Why is Salad not fully using my CPU?

If you're chopping with your CPU, it's likely you might not see Salad using 100% of your CPU. This is usually a limitation of your CPU model. The CPU miners Salad utilises to earn you balance whilst chopping on your CPU have certain requirements in order to run, one of the more important ones being CPU Cache. Different CPU models have different amounts of cache, and some do not meet the required amounts of cache per CPU core (2MB). This happens most commonly on Intel CPUs, as they usually have quite low amounts of CPU cache, as well as many laptop CPUs. 

If your CPU has 8MB of cache, we'll be able to use 4 (if available) cores on your PC. If you have 3MB, we'll only be able to use 1 available core in your CPU (as we require 2MB per core).

Unfortunately there is no way to work around this, as it's a hard requirement for chopping. Don't worry though, we're using your system to the best of our abilities, and with new workloads always being added, we might find something else in the future to make better use of your CPU model!

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