How to Enable Auto Start in Salad

Salad v1.0

Enabling Auto Start allows Salad to start chopping when you go AFK from your PC. You can configure how long it takes before Salad will automatically start chopping.

  1. Open your Salad Widget

  2. Click your Profile Picture at the top left

  3. Click the "Settings" button

  4. In the opened settings page, locate the "Auto Start" preferences

  5. Click the "Enable Auto Start" button

  6. Slide the slider below to your desired time. This can be configured between 1, and 60 minutes

NOTE: Salad detects whether you are AFK by looking for keyboard or mouse input. Some devices, such as controllers or VR devices, do not provide keyboard or mouse input and will not be detected.

Salad v0.5.8-Alpha

Enabling Auto Start is quite simple, and require only a couple clicks to set up. First, find the settings tab in the top right corner of your app, pictured below, and enter it.


Once there, you can switch Auto Start from "off" to "on," as seen below.


Then, slide the start timer on the right hand side to whichever allotment suits you best. You can choose from 10 to 60 minutes, in ten minute intervals. Like so:


The intervals represent how long your computer needs to be AFK before Salad will automatically boot itself up and begin to earn you money. For example, if I have set my app to Auto Start after 30 minutes AFK, and there's no keyboard or mouse input within that given interval, Salad will start the chopping process in half an hour.

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