What are Elevated Permissions and should I enable them?

What are Elevated permissions?

Enabling Elevated Permissions in your Salad app allows us to run some workloads as "Admin". Enabling this setting may allow us to run certain workloads with increased earnings, or in some cases, allow us to even run whole new workloads that were otherwise unavailable. If enabled, we'll only run workloads as Admin when needed, or if it's going to increase your earnings. You can enable this feature in the Settings page of your Salad app.

Should I enable them?

If you run Salad with your CPU enabled, or with certain AMD GPUs enabled, we do recommend enabling Elevated Permissions. When running with certain AMD GPUs from the RX 400-500 series, it also allows us to automatically enable certain driver settings to boost your earnings by a significant amount. It's also likely we may add more workloads in the future that rely on Elevated Permissions, so even if you don't have an AMD GPU we still recommend enabling it to allow Salad to always run the most profitable workload for your machine.

What are the risks, if any?

We vet every workload that we run on our network, this usually means that we use open source, or trusted workloads. For closed source, or new workloads, we'll run our own tests and look at other feedback around the product before trying to run it on your machine. It is possible however that a workload run with Elevated Permissions may run into an unexpected bug or issue that could cause unintended side effects such as taking longer to stop running, or continuing to run by itself after we close it. Whilst this is exceedingly unlikely to occur, you can still choose to keep this setting disabled to prevent any workloads from being run with Elevated Permissions. Please note however that depending on your hardware and how you run Salad, this may reduce your potential earnings.

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