General Troubleshooting Tips

If Salad still isn't working quite right after whitelisting in your Antivirus software, there are a few extra steps to try.

  1. Verify that Salad has been whitelisted in your Antivirus software

    Salad's workload path has changed with version 1.0.0, make sure you've whitelisted the new path.
  2. Try closing other open applications.

    Salad uses your system resources in order to earn you balance, if you have other applications open draining these resources, it's possible that there isn't enough left over for Salad to start. This can especially be the case if you are chopping with your CPU. Salad is best run whilst AFK.
  3. Try updating Windows.

    If you are running on an older build of Windows, or haven't updated in a while, it's possible Salad and its miners might be trying to use a system service that isn't available in your version. You can follow Microsoft's guide to update your Windows install.
  4. Try installing some additional Microsoft Redistributables.

    Normally these will have been installed already by previous applications or games on your PC, but it's possible you may be missing some. You can install the required Official Microsoft Redistributables from the Microsoft website here:
  5. Update your GPU drivers. 

    If you haven't updated your GPU drivers in a while, it's possible that Salad and its miners might not be compatible with the installed version. You can find guides here on how to update your AMD drivers if you own an AMD GPU, or your NVIDIA drivers if you own an NVIDIA GPU. If Salad has recently stopped working after a recent driver update, you may need to try reverting to an older driver version. This can sometimes happen, especially on AMD GPUs, if a new driver version is released and miners do not yet have support for it. 
  6. Double check that your PC is compatible.

    There is a chance that your PC is simply incompatible with Salad, you can check the system requirements on this article here.
  7. Try Out Community Support 

    If Salad still isn't playing ball, you can join our Salad Community of experienced chefs on Discord.
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