How to update my Nvidia Drivers

Step 1. Navigate to NVIDIA’s Website and Selecting your GPU

To Update your drivers, go to NVIDIA’s official website (, select your GPU and select search. For this guide, I am using a TeslaM60, so there are a lot of options which you might not see in case of your one. But, you can just click Search and it will automatically redirect you to the download page of the latest drivers.

In here,

  • Product Type means your GPU type. For example, GeForce, TITAN, Tesla etc.
  • Product Series means your GPU’s series. For example, GTX, RTX etc
  • Product is the one, in which you will find your GPU from the dropdown list and select it.


Step 2. Click on Download

After you have clicked search, you will be redirected to the download page of the latest drivers currently available for your gpu. On there, click the ‘Download’. And it will start downloading the latest version of your drivers.


Step 3. Installing your drivers

After you have clicked ‘Download’, your driver’s installation file will start downloading. After it has downloaded, open the .exe file and let it load up a bit. After a few mins, you will be presented with this screen.


Step 4. Click on ‘AGREE AND CONTINUE’

After you are presented with the screen, click ‘AGREE AND CONTINUE’.

Step 5. Select your Installation type

After you have clicked on ‘AGREE AND CONTINUE’, you will be presented with some installation ways. Select ‘Express’ for the default installation or Select ‘Custom’ if you want to customize your installation. After that, select ‘Next’ and your installation your begin.


6. Restart your Computer

After your installation has finished, restart your PC to make sure that your drivers are properly installed.

7. Run Salad

Open Salad and let it run for 30-40mins. Contact support if your issue persists.

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