How to update my AMD Drivers

Step 1. Open your AMD Radeon Drivers

First, open up your AMD drivers, it should look something like this:


Step 2. Click on ‘Settings’

On the right hand side of the app there should be a settings gear icon. Click it and it will take you to the main settings page. On this page there should be a Red "Download" button, with text above stating that there is a new Driver Version. 


Step 4. Updating your drivers

After you have clicked on "Download" it will download and install your Driver Update. Simply wait for it to finish.

Step 5. Restart your PC

After your installation has finished, restart your PC to ensure the proper installation of your drivers.

Step 6. Run Salad

Open Salad and let it run for 30-40 minutes, contact support if the issue persists.

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