How can I earn more with Salad?

  • Make sure you're running Salad as often as possible, especially while you're sleeping or away from your computer. To prevent lost earnings, change your Power and Sleep settings in Windows so your machine won't automatically shut down
  • If you have an AMD RX 400/RX 500 series GPU, make sure to enabled Elevated Permissions so that Salad can run at full speed on your GPU.
  • Enable more hardware in Salad, the more you enable, the more you can earn.
  • Enable Auto Start so that Salad can automatically start Chopping when you go AFK from your PC.
  • The more powerful your GPU or CPU, the faster you earn. If you upgrade your hardware or run Salad on multiple high-performance machines, you can significantly increase your earnings.
  • Make sure to close background applications, especially with your CPU enabled, as this can drastically impact your earning rate.
  • Participate in our Discord contests. We often giveaway hearty helpings of Salad balance to the winners of these competitions, and we make sure they’re structured so everyone gets a chance to compete! Join the server and check the #salad-events channel to see what the current contest is.
  • Enter into one of our periodic giveaways. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or join the Discord for giveaway announcements.
  • Refer your friends! If they have supported hardware and actively use the app, you can earn up to $1 per referee.
  • Overclocking your GPU or CPU can help boost your earnings, however we provide no official support for this.
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