How to Send a Referral Code

Sending someone your referral code will provide you with a kickback as they earn, as well as increased earnings for the referees who entered your referral code. You can refer as many other users as you like, but you can only enter one referral code on your own account.

  1. Open up on your web browser, and log in at the top right if not already logged in

  2. Once logged in, hover over your profile at the top left and click "Referrals" in the opened menu bar

  3. Here you'll find your referral code on the left, as well as a breakdown of who you have referred, and their progress, on the right. You can also send a user your referral directly by entering their email address in the box below your referral code

What Do I Get When Someone Uses My Code?
You will receive a 50% bonus relative to your referee's Salad earnings (up to $1 per referee), paid out as they earn. This does not impact their earnings. The more your referees run Salad, the faster you'll see your bonuses.

What Does The Person Using My Code Get?
Using your promo code will grant your referee a 2x earning rate bonus until they've reached $4 earned

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