How to Send a Referral Code

Sending a referral code in Salad has never been easier - simply hover over "Earn" on the navigation bar, and select the "Referrals" tab as highlighted below:


Once there, find the "Your Code" and "Send Referral" sections towards the middle of the page. This will include your personal referral code, which you may copy and send directly to a friend, and a text field where you can enter someone's email address and the referral link will be sent directly to their inbox.


Once sent, Salad will track whether they've actually used your code and keep you updated on how much you've earned, and how much you can earn from all of your active referrals. This information is located on the right hand side, as shown below:


If you have any questions about referral codes - either refer to the two paragraphs explaining the benefits of referring directly on the referral page, or contact Salad Support here

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