How to Redeem Razer Gold on Salad

Salad Chefs can now redeem Razer Gold on the Salad Storefront! Razer Gold is a digital wallet for gamers, created by Razer and accepted by thousands of games and entertainment brands.

Here’s how to get started once you redeem your Razer Gold reward on the Salad Storefront:

  1. After redeeming the Razer Gold reward on Salad's Storefront, you will receive a confirmation email containing your reward.
  2. Visit and sign in with your Razer ID to create your Razer Gold Wallet.
  3. Add funds to your Razer Gold Wallet to start using it for purchases.
  4. Select Razer Gold as your payment method for any game on the catalog and check out to earn Razer Silver.
  5. Alternatively, you can redeem a Razer Gold gift card by selecting 'Razer Gold PIN' on the Reload Page.

When using Razer Gold on the Razer store, Chefs not only gain access to Razer’s vast catalog of games and rewards, but can also earn points in Razer Silver, Razer's official rewards program. These points can be redeemed for more rewards, such as Razer gear and gift cards.

If you’re having trouble with your Salad confirmation email and/or Reward Vault, please submit a support ticket. If you need help using your Razer Gold once it’s redeemed, either check out Razer Gold’s FAQ or contact Razer for support.

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