Chopping Power

Want to know if your machine is optimized to earn the most balance on Salad? Increase your Chopping Power!

Chopping Power shows your earning efficiency on the Salad network. We determine Chopping Power based on what resources you make available to Salad. There are some tasks for you to complete, like enabling your GPU, and some conditions that increase you Chopping Power if they are met.

How does Salad Determine your Chopping Power?

The following requirements and conditions make up your total chopping power on the Salad network. Chefs are not obligated to meet all of the conditions to list in order to earn balance on Salad. Chopping Power is an indicator of how efficiently their machine earns balance, not a set of requirements.

Chefs should also note that they will see different options depending on what they have enabled during setup, or their machine settings.

Enable GPU + CPU

Enable both CPU and GPU in Resource Preferences. Salad Container and mining workloads require both CPU and GPU to run.

Set Bandwidth Settings

One of the workloads available to chefs on the Salad network is Bandwidth sharing. Chefs can maximize their earnings by enabling sharing and choosing their Video preferences.

Become Container Ready

Our most profitable workloads are run as Containers on your machine. These jobs require WSL and Virtualization on the Chef's machine.

Update WSL (If Prompted)

Some chefs may need to update WSL on their machines. If so, Salad will walk you through the update as a Chopping Power condition.

Have Enough Free Storage

Some Container workloads require a minimum amount of storage free on your machine. We determined a minimum threshold that you should free-up. Doing so will give your machine more opportunities to work Container jobs.

Have In-Demand Hardware

NVIDIA GPUs with at least 12GB of VRAM.

Become a Star Chef!

Chefs who Chop Salad for more than 50 hours a week will be awarded Star Chef status. That means you are a trusted machine on the Salad network and will be prioritized for our highest paying workloads. Learn more about Star Chef, here.

Don't worry if you don't meet all Chopping Power conditions. The Chopping Power bar is a great way to see if you're machine is optimized to earn, but there are plenty of workloads available to chefs who don't have in-demand hardware or Bandwidth sharing available in their area.

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