How to Activate Runescape 30-Day Memberships

Runescape memberships are available in multiple world regions. Before redeeming a Runescape reward from the Salad Storefront, it is important to check that you've selected the appropriate membership for your region.

After redeeming a Runescape reward, you will find a unique redemption code listed within your Salad Reward Vault. You may also find this code listed in the redemption confirmation sent to the email address associated with your Salad account.

Once you have found your code, simply follow these steps to activate your 30-day membership:

  1. Navigate to the Runescape activation page:
  2. Click the gold button named “Activate Card,” located in the “About Pre-Paid Cards” section on the left.
  3. Log in with your Runescape account, or create a new account*.
  4. You should be redirected towards a Jagex page, where you will see a prompt titled “Enter Pre-Paid Card Code."
  5. Copy and paste or type your unique redemption code into the text box, then hit the yellow button labeled “Redeem” directly below.
  6. Bingo! You’ve hit paydirt. The 30-day membership will be applied to your account, and you’re now free to level skills and stack buffs in Runescape.

Don’t forget that these are month-long memberships. Once they expire, you’ll need to redeem another 30-day membership reward from the Salad Storefront and follow the same steps to reactivate your membership.

* You will need a character name set on your account as without one you won't be able to redeem the code.
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