Where to find your Reward Redemption Code

If you redeem a game, Discord Nitro, Amazon Gift Card, or other reward that requires an activation code, Salad will store that code in your "Reward Vault".

You can find your redemption code, and past purchases, by navigating to your Reward Vault. You can find it by hovering over the store navigation page, and then selecting "Reward Vault".

On this page, you can find a history of your redemptions, with the redemption date, and transaction status. 

If your reward offers a code directly within your Reward Vault, simply copy the code with the clipboard icon and then paste it into Steam, Amazon, or wherever the code needs activation. For some rewards, you may need to check your email to receive your activation details and information.

Please note that rewards can take up to 24 hours to arrive in your reward vault, so please allow this time to pass before you contact Support or submit a bug report. If you need additional help with your reward redemption codes, please contact Salad Support here.

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