I can't enter my email address to log in

  • Blocked from progressing past the email entry page with an error like "Login failed due to a spam blocklist preventing Salad from sending your one-time login code email.", or
    "Something went wrong, please try again.", or
    "Something went wrong, please try again later. If this issue persists, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]"
  • Seeing the same error trying to log in on any device or web browser
  • Unable to log in to your account from either login app

If you're seeing the above errors/issues, it means that we were unable to send you an email containing your one-time login code.

  • Try clearing some email from your email inbox, if it's full you won't be able to receive your one-time login code.

If your inbox is not full, then it is likely due to user permissions. This happens when you have marked an email as spam, or told our mailing server to not send you any emails from the address. You may have accidentally done this on another email from us via the same address. In order to regain access to your account, you will need to re opt-in to receiving emails. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Open a new ticket
  2. Inform us in your ticket that you are unable to access your account and need to opt-in to receiving emails
  3. Provide the email address of your account in your ticket, the email address you provide MUST match the email address you are contacting us from
  4. Wait for a "ticket received" email from us
  5. Reply to the email from the same address you provided, and give explicit permission to opt-in to receiving emails
  6. Wait for a confirmation email from us letting you know your account is able to be accessed
  7. Log into your account
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