I redeemed an item and haven’t gotten it yet. What’s going on?

Most store redemptions are automatic and usually immediate, however some are manually issued, and can take a few days to be issued (such as some of our Hypixel or Minecraft rewards). If you haven't received your reward yet, you can check the status of your redemption in your Reward Vault. In here you can find the status of each of your redemptions, as well as the key, and some other information about your purchase.

If your reward is still "Pending", you just need to sit tight and we will get it to you as soon as possible. If something goes wrong, it will let you know with a "Canceled" status. If your purchase has failed there could be a few reasons behind this. 

  • The store, or supplier we obtain this item from may be down, or having issues that prevented your purchase
  • Your key may have gotten lost on the way to us, or something else may have gone wrong
  • We may have run out of stock just as you purchased the item, causing it to fail

If your purchase should fail, you will get automatically refunded the full amount, allowing you to try purchasing the item again, or to purchase something else if you wish. If you don't see your refund, make sure to refresh the application, however if you never receive your refund, you can contact Support here and we can help you get your Salad Balance back.

Some items do take longer than others to arrive, this includes our manual rewards such as Minecraft rewards, as these need to be manually issued by us, and can take a number of days to be submitted, especially over a weekend. If you have further questions, or think something else may have gone wrong, you can contact Support here and get in touch with us. 

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