Salad's different mining states

Salad v1.0.0

Salad v1.0.0 has new, and refined states. When Salad isn't Chopping, it will show "Paused", meaning no Miner Workloads are currently running, and you aren't earning. After you click the Start button, Salad will then move to the "Running" stage, which means we're actively downloading and running the right workloads for your machine, and starting to predict your earnings. We'll let you know with an in-app error if you run into troubles.

Salad v0.5.8-Alpha

Salad has three different "running" states, to show where you are on the process to earn. These are Installing, Prepping, and Chopping. It's important to note that Salad can take up to 30 minutes to start Chopping, or earning, on some machines, especially on your first run as it figures out the best miners to run for your machine. The start button will dynamically show you your progress to Chopping when you click it, to help you know how much longer till you start earning!


The Installing state will usually only run when its your first run of Salad, or if there have been recent miner updates or a new miner is available for your system. This is the state where the miners are being downloaded and installed to your machine, and usually only takes a few moments, this of course depends on your internet download speed. If the Installing state is taking more than a few minutes, and you don't have slower internet, your Antivirus Software may be causing issues and you may need to whitelist Salad using our Guides here.


The Prepping state means that a miner has been successfully downloaded, and is being tested to run on your machine. This step can take anywhere from a few seconds, to up to 30 minutes on some machines. The older, and weaker, your system is, the longer it may take to start up. At this stage, its important to  not click the stop button or your progress thus far will be reset, and will need to restart from the beginning the next time you run. We will automatically warn you if you attempt to stop Salad early, and let you know you need to keep letting it Prep. If something goes wrong, we will also automatically let you know with an error message, where you can learn more about what caused it to stop.


If you have reached the Chopping state, hurrah! You are successfully earning with Salad, and you should start to earn balance. Please note that your balance is only updated every fifteen minutes, you can read more about this here and here.

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