How Predicted Earnings Work

How are my predicted earnings calculated?

While Chopping, Salad will automatically calculate Predicted Earnings for the amount of Salad Balance you would earn for 24 hours if you had a consistent workload. When Chopping is enabled, that indicates to Salad that your machine is available for workloads. If there are no workloads available for your machine, or you have disabled workloads like mining, Chefs should not expect to see Predicted Earning until a workload becomes available for their PC.

For Containers, we estimate earnings assuming currently running jobs would continue running for the next 24 hours. Due to the variability of Container workloads it is expected that workloads end and begin with different earning rates. For Chefs who primarily Chop Container workloads, it is advised to monitor earnings via Earning History on the Salad web app. This will give you a more accurate view of your container earnings over time.

Mining earnings are calculated by taking an average of your mining speed over the last 15 minutes, and up-to-date Cryptocurrency profitability figures to work out how much you could expect to see over a 24 hour given period. We update your Predicted Earning every 1 minute, using the last 15 minutes as an average. We'll start Predicting your Earnings after 5 minutes of Salad Chopping once you have received a workload, to allow for your machine to get up to full speed and for it to reach a stable configuration. If you change your hardware configuration, and add or remove available hardware for Salad to use, we'll reset your predicted earnings value, and calculate it again for your new setup. We'll need another 5 minutes to start working this out. 

Your Predicted Earnings figure is for your local machine only. If you have multiple machines connected to your Salad account, they'll provide independent Predicted Earnings. Your earnings are combined across all connected machines.

Why did I earn a different amount than what it Predicted?

Your Predicted Earnings value is calculated using dynamic profitability and job data. As this value changes all throughout the day, it's likely that you may see a different value showing for your Predicted Earnings, versus your Last 24 Hours at any given moment. Container earnings can be extremely variable and are calculated based on the time a container is working on your machine, not the time spent downloading and unpacking the container. Earnings from Bandwidth jobs are not calculated in your Predicted Earnings at all.

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