How to Enable or Disable Auto Launch

Salad v1.0

Keeping Auto Launch enabled allows Salad to start-up when your PC boots. Enabling this along with Auto Start will allow Salad to start Chopping automatically whenever you go AFK from your PC. By default this option is enabled, however you can turn it off.

  1. Open your Salad Widget

  2. Click your Profile Picture at the top left
  3. Click the "Settings" button
  4. Look to the bottom of the page for "Auto Launch" and click "Disable Auto Launch"

Salad v0.5.8-Alpha

If you'd like to eliminate the inconvenience of manually opening Salad every time you boot up your PC, you can enable Auto Launch. To do so, first open your Settings page by hovering over your profile at the top right, and clicking "Desktop App" on the right, as outlined in red below:


Next, click the option to enable Auto Launch by switching the tab, pictured below, to "On."


This will allow Salad to open automatically once you log into Windows. If you'd like Salad to begin mining automatically when you go AFK, you'll need to enable Auto Start as well.

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