Getting started with Salad: The Basics

Q. How do I register an account?

A. You can register, and log in, by clicking the "login" button at the top right of the application. You can find an in detail guide for registering and logging in here: How to register and log into Salad

Q. How do I start Salad?

A. You can start Salad by clicking the Start button at the top left of the application, where it will then proceed through each of the states to get you earning. The installing state means Salad is gearing up to start Chopping by getting the workloads ready, the Prepping state signifies Salad is spinning up the workloads, and once you're Chopping, you're earning! Your balance will be updated every 15 minutes.

Q. How do I purchase items on the store?

A. To purchase an item from our store, simply search for the reward on our store, ensure you have the required balance, and click the "buy now" button, where you will be guided through the checkout process.

Q. How do I enter a referral code?

A. You can enter a referral, or promo, code at signup. Simply enter your code when prompted. If you don't have one to use, we'll automatically give you one!

Q. Can I enter multiple referral codes?

A. No, you can only enter and use a single referral code with Salad.

Q. Can I run Salad on multiple devices at once?

A. Yes! Simply log into your account on each of your machines, and hit start. Your earnings will be combined.

Q. How do I check my balance?

A. You can find your balance at the top right, as well as in the summary page. You can read more about the summary page here: How do I see my earning history?

Q. What's XP and what can I do with it?

A. You earn 1XP per minute of chopping with Salad. During Seasons this can earn you level rewards as you reach each tier, you can read more about this here.

Q. How can I earn more with Salad?

A. There are a number of things you can do to increase your profits with Salad, read this article for more information: How do I earn more with Salad?

Q. Can I deposit money or cryptocurrency into my Salad account?

A. Unfortunately we do not support fiat or cryptocurrency deposits into your Salad account, any balance must be earned within the application.

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