What Is My Machine Actually Mining?

When you chop mining workloads Salad will automatically determine which coin is most profitable for you to mine. Currently we support these blockchain protocols:

  • Ethereum Classic (For 3GB+ GPUs)
  • Autolykos2 (For 3GB+ GPUs)
  • Octopus (For 7GB+ GPUs)
  • RavenCoin (For 5GB+ GPUs)
  • Monero (For All supported GPUs)
  • Zhash (For 2GB+ GPUs)
  • BeamHash (For 2GB+ GPUs)
  • ZelHash (For 3GB+ GPUs)
  • x16rv2 (For 1GB+ GPUs)
  • Neoscrypt (For 3GB+ GPUs)
  • KHeavyHash (For 1GB+ GPUs)
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