Where did Seasons go?

Seasons have now been deprecated.

The most common feedback we've heard about Salad Seasons is that it's too difficult to reach the higher levels.

Going forward, we're working to introduce improved, more attainable challenges that make it easier and more fun to earn Balance, game unlocks, and other epic loot while using Salad. That unfortunately means we have no plans to announce a future Salad Season at this time.

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With the introduction of Seasons, your hard earned XP now allows you to earn bonuses, compete with your friends, and unlock new, never before seen avatars!

How do I check the Seasons?

You can access the Seasons page by clicking onto your profile at the top right, and navigating to the Seasons tab. It should look something like this:

On this page you can view the current Season dates, how long you have left, as well as the XP earned in the current Season. You can also view all of the rewards for the current season, and the required XP to earn in order to unlock them. Some rewards may be kept secret until you approach them. 

How do I participate?

You can participate by simply running Salad and earning Season XP. You can join them at any time, even if you started halfway through.

How do I earn Season XP?

You earn Season XP for bonuses the same way XP is earned normally. Each minute of Chopping with Salad will earn you 1 Season XP. Multiple machines will not earn you extra Season XP. Your user XP does not stack with your Season XP, and only XP earned during the Season will count. The more you run Salad, the faster you will earn XP, no matter your hardware. 

You can check your XP by navigating to the page above.

Your XP earned outside of Seasons is still kept safe, and you will continue to earn XP outside of your Season XP as normal. Your Season XP, like your normal XP, will be updated every 15 minutes. 

How much XP do I need per level?

The amount of XP you need can shift per level, and can be different for different Seasons. You can check the XP required, and the amount of time until you reach it, below the level bonus. Here you can see that 421XP is needed, and it will take 7 hours to reach. When you reach the level, you will get a bonus in the Bonuses page.


How do I view and claim my level Bonuses?

You can view the available Bonuses for you to claim by navigating back to your profile at the top right, and navigating to the Bonuses tab instead. In here you can view all the Bonuses ready for you to claim or activate. 


What Bonuses can I get?

The available Bonuses will differ Season to Season. You can view the available Bonuses in the current Season by navigating to the Seasons page and scrolling through the list. Some of them may not show until you get closer to obtaining them. Some bonuses are also unique, and can only be claimed during the current Season. This includes the profile Avatars, once gone they will never be claimable again! Make sure to Chop Salad as much as possible to ensure you don't miss out. Your bonuses will expire after a certain period of time, so make sure to claim them before they disappear. The expiry date will show in the bonuses page.

Why Didn't I Get My Bonus?

Bonuses are instantly unlocked whenever you complete a Season Level, but certain types of rewards need to be claimed before you see them in your Reward Vault. You will receive a notification reminder to claim your Bonus soon after completing any Season Level.

When does the Season end?

You can view when the season will end, and when it started, at the top of the main page showing the Season.


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