How Often Do I Earn With Salad?

When you start running cryptocurrency workloads on Salad and reach the "Chopping" stage, your Balance will be updated every 15 minutes. However, it's important to note that you may not earn Salad Balance during each interval. There may be times when Salad is chopping away fine, but you earn zero Balance. But don't worry, as despite the irregularity, your average earnings should be close to the expected daily/hourly crypto earning rate for your GPU.

Crypto mining workloads are available for GPUs, and if there are no Containers available to chop, Salad will default to these workloads.

It's important to note that chefs are not guaranteed CPU or GPU Containers with the same regularity as mining jobs at this time. Your earnings will vary by the minute, hour, and day based on your availability, hardware, and the needs of the Salad network.

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