Can I deposit or withdraw Cryptocurrency to my Salad account?

You are not able to withdraw, or deposit Cryptocurrency into your Salad account. This is because your Salad account is not a wallet, and there is no address to withdraw it from, or deposit into. 


Your balance is instead valued in Salad Balance, which is tied to the value of USD. Your balance can be used to purchase items and rewards from our storefront. You are not currently able to withdraw this as fiat to a bank account either. 


I've found a wallet address in my logs, what's this?

The wallet address found in your logs is only used for your miner payouts, and is not unique to your user. Your Worker ID is used instead to ensure the balance you earn from mining is sent to the correct account. Depositing cryptocurrency to these wallet addresses will not result in it appearing in your account, but will instead be lost permanently. 

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