How do I activate my Mantle Cape?

So you've just bought a Mantle Cape from Salad, but don't know how to activate it? Well worry not, here you can find our guide to installing and activating your cape.

Activating the Cape

  1. Sign up to an account on the Mantle website
  2. Launch Minecraft and join the server.
  3. Click on the link in the chat after joining the server, or type /link into the chat. Afterwards you should see a "success" message on your Mantle account page.
  4. Head to and enter your code.

Installing the Cape

  1. Download the Mantle Loader here.
  2. Double click the installer file and follow the steps on the screen to install the Loader.
  3. Open Mantle and click on "Load Mantle".
  4. After the "success" message shows, you can close the loader and restart Minecraft. You do not
    have to run the Loader after every restart.

You should now see your Cape showing in-game! If you cannot see your cape, make sure to enable "show capes" in your Minecraft settings under Video Settings > Details > Show Capes.

If you are still facing issues with your cape, please contact Mantle here. We are not able to provide support for these capes, as they are a third party.

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