How Power Limiting Impacts your Earnings

Power limiting, such as intentionally reducing the wattage of your GPU, will decrease your earnings on Salad. Chefs who power limit their PC will receive a Degraded Notification, indicating they cannot run Container Workloads. 

Here are some steps you can take to make sure your PC performs optimally on Salad. You may need to complete these steps in order to resolve the error message (14) you received in the Salad app and resume Chopping as normal. 


  1. Make sure to plug your machine in while Chopping Salad. Many gaming laptops will go into a Power Saving mode while unplugged and this throttles performance on Salad.
  2. Some gaming laptops have performance modes that affect the amount of power your machine outputs. These settings cannot be changed via Windows Power saving mode as they are generally found in the proprietary brand software on your laptop. 
    1. For example, ASUS laptops use Armory Crate to manage performance through four levels of performance modes. Manual Mode, Silent Mode, Performance Mode, and Turbo mode. You may need to experiment with each mode to determine which is best for you. 

Desktop PCs

  1. Determine which OEM you have on your machine, and find out what proprietary performance management software is used. 
  2. Access your OEM’s performance or power saving software, and determine if your settings need to be increased.
    1. For example, MSI Afterburner is common for most desktop PCs. Chefs can manage their GPU power output in MSI by changing their Power Limit and Core Voltage settings. For more information, check out this blog from MSI. Keep in mind this is an example of settings available to Chefs with MSI Afterburner. Chefs should not follow these steps to undervolt. Doing so could make them ineligible to receive Container workloads.

For most Chefs Chopping on a gaming laptop, you may need to tweak your PCs power saving and performance settings, but Chefs on a desktop who undervolt or power limit your machines manually do so at the risk of decreased earnings and Container Workload ineligibility. 

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