Salad App Settings

Chop the way you want with the Salad app. Below is a breakdown of all the ways you can customize your Salad app and profit off of sharing your PC's resources with the Salad network. Share as much, or as little of as you want.

To access your Salad settings, navigate to the top left corner of the app and click on the your and select Settings from the drop down.


You should be able to successfully whitelist Salad in your anti-virus after onboarding with Salad. If you were unable to whitelist the the app at that time you can do so here.

Sleep Mode

Salad will stop Chopping when your PC goes to sleep. If you want Salad to continue Chopping after it goes idle then disable Sleep Mode here.

Auto Start

Salad detects when your machine goes idle and will start Chopping automatically. Set how long you want Salad to delay Chopping once an idle state has been detected.

Auto Launch

Salad will launch Salad by default when you log into Windows. Disable or enable Auto Launch for your machine here.

Update Channel

Choose whether or not you want to Chop with the latest published version of Salad, or participate in Beta versions as they become available.

Dive deeper into your Salad experience by customizing when you receive notifications and which workloads you choose to allow on your machine.

Workload Preferences

Idle Chopping

Disable or enable your CPU and GPU.

Elevated Permissions

Unlock more Salad balance for some machines by enabling Elevated Permissions.

Workload Types

Allow Salad to select the most profitable workloads for your machine, or manually opt out of workload types.

Advanced Options

Go beyond resource management in Advanced Options.


Bypass your PCs idle-state to continue Chopping after activity is detected on your machine.

Crypto Mining

Accept or reject PoW workloads for your machine.

Scheduled Chopping

Schedule your Chopping in advance for the week.

Notification Preferences

Account Activity

Account related achievements like Star Chef, Chopping Power and Target Rewards.


Salad store sales, new rewards and other Salad partnerships.


Surveys, support outreach and community events.

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