Container Workloads Troubleshooting

Are you eligible to get Salad's sweetest workloads but have yet to see that balance? You might not be getting the most out of Salad. Follow these steps to ensure you're all set to Chop!

  1. Make sure that both GPU and CPU are enabled. You can check enabled hardware in the Performance tab within the Salad app.
  2. Update to the latest version of Salad, here, and then restart your computer. Only chefs who have upgraded to the latest version of Salad will be considered for the best paying container workloads. 
  3. Salad's Container workloads require an updated version of WSL. Make sure that you are up to date by downloading the latest version, here
  4. Enable Virtualization. This might require updating your BIOS. For more steps, refer to this guide.
  5. Be sure to enable Elevated RAM Allocation for a better chance of earning. Learn more, here
  6. If you you are using a VPN, please disable it. Salad cannot run if you are using a VPN or a proxy server. 
  7. Go AFK. Salad is designed to run while you are not actively using your machine. 
  8. Free up disc space. Most Salad workloads require 50GB of available storage on your machine, or more. 
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