Elevated RAM Allocation

How to Allocate Additional SDRAM in Salad

Salad’s default settings only use half of your SDRAM for Container Workloads. This allows users to use their PC for select activities while Chopping Salad. However, we know that some Chefs may want to allocate additional SDRAM to Salad, allowing their machines to Chop for more profitable (and therefore more demanding) Container Jobs.

Enabling Elevated RAM Allocation gives Salad permission to use more than half of your machine’s available SDRAM. Here’s a quick look at how much RAM Salad will utilize when Elevated RAM is enabled:

  • If your PC has 16 GB of RAM Salad will use 14 GB.
  • If your PC has 24 GB of RAM Salad will use 16 GB.
  • If your PC has 32 GB of RAM Salad will use 24 GB.
  • If your PC has 64 GB of RAM Salad will use 45 GB

If your PC has > 64 GB of RAM Salad will use 70% of total system RAM rounded down to the nearest whole number. To enable or disable Elevated RAM Allocation navigate to the settings page in the Salad App.

Click the dropdown under “Elevated RAM Allocation” and select “Enabled,” or “Disabled.” 

Keep in mind that your computer’s performance may be slowed even when Salad is not currently Chopping. If you experience this, we recommend disabling the feature and rebooting your PC.

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