Workload Preferences

As chefs, you entrust Salad with your compute power and machine. We want to make sure we honor that trust by giving you as much clarity and control over what kinds of workloads run on your machine as possible.

That is why we give you control of which workloads you want to run on your computer. Some of our SaladCloud clients run jobs that produce images and data of an adult nature. You might have some questions about what we mean.

What kind of adult content may be generated through Container Workloads?

Some workloads may generate images, text, or video of a mature nature.

Does adult content remain on my PC after the workload has completed?

Absolutely not. All data related to a container workload, including media generated, is wiped from your system as soon as it is completed. These, like all Salad container workloads are fully isolated from your Windows OS. This means none of the content is accessible in your machine.

Will I be processing adult video streams if I enable Bandwidth sharing?

No. Bandwidth sharing is exclusively mainstream services like Netflix or Hulu. For more information on Bandwidth Sharing, check out this guide.

How do I make sure my computer is not being used for workloads with adult content?

You can change your workload preferences on the Settings page of your Salad app, under Workload Preferences. We will also prompt you to opt in or out of workload types during Salad onboarding after installing the application for the first time, or updating to the latest version of the app.

In countries where possessing adult content is illegal, Salad will automatically block that content from running on your PC. The option to opt-in or opt-out of adult content will no longer be available for users who Chop Salad in any country where adult material is prohibited.

Will my earnings decrease if I opt out of workloads with adult content?

Your earnings depend on the needs of the Salad network, the quality of your GPU, and the availability of your machine. Salad aims to offer a diverse range of workloads so that anyone who is willing, can earn as much balance as possible. There might be times where you earn a little less if we have high demand for certain adult content workloads, but we don't plan to make those companies the core of our business model.

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