How Do I Redeem a Metafy Gift Card and Memberships?

Once you have purchased a Metafy gift card from the Salad Storefront, you'll receive a gift card code that can be redeemed for Metafy's coaching content. Metafy gift cards can be cashed in when the user books a coach.

Please note: In order to use your Metafy gift card, you will need to create a free account at . To create an account and use your Metafy gift card, follow the directions below.

  1. Create a Metafy account.

  1. Sign up with your email, Discord, Twitch, Gmail, Apple ID or Facebook account.

  1. Select your coach and Book a Session.

  1. Select a session length and proceed to check out.

  1. Chose a time and connect with your coach via Discord.

  1. Enter your Salad gift card code in the Have a promo code? section.

  1. Check out and wait for your coach to contact you.

A user's gift card balance will never expire and cannot be transferred to another account. Check our Metafy's Terms and Conditions.

Metafy Memberships

Chefs can purchase Metafy memberships with their Salad balance and apply them directly to their Metafy account. Once the membership is purchased, chefs will receive an email with a redemption code and link.

  1. Click on the Metafy membership url sent via email, or your Salad reward vault. The URL will take you to this page:
Click on 'Become a Member'
  1. Enter your Salad membership code in the Have a Promo Code? box and hit apply. Memberships renew monthly, so you will need to enter your Paypal or credit card information in order to complete the process.

Metafy renews monthly, and users can cancel any time. If you do not wish to for an additional month make sure to cancel your membership your Metafy account page.

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