How to Redeem Ghast Lightning

Ghast Lightning provides lifetime access to Ghast’s Minecraft connection optimization software. You can redeem it from our Storefront here:

After you redeem your reward, follow these steps to activate your new Ghast Lightning:

  1. Grab your 16 character alphanumeric redemption code from your Reward Vault or redemption confirmation email
  2. Navigate to the Ghast redemption portal here:
  3. Sign into your Ghast account and you’ll be redirected to the redemption entry page
  4. Enter your redemption code into the text box below “Redeem Gift Card”
  5. Click the button labeled “Redeem Ghast Lightning” and you’ll see the following prompt: “The gift card [CODE] contains one copy of Ghast Lightning, do you want to use this gift card on the account with email [ACCOUNT EMAIL]?”
  6. Make sure the email is correct for your account, then click the “Redeem Ghast Lightning” button again
  7. You now have Ghast Lighting active on your account. Either navigate to your Ghast account page or the Ghast download page and download Ghast if you haven’t already

Once downloaded, you should have access to all of Ghast’s PvP enhancing features. If you need help downloading Ghast, check out their instruction page. You can also join their Discord server for live support. Happy hunting, Ghastronauts.

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