Bandwidth Sharing Quick Troubleshooting Guide

I don't have the option to enable Bandwidth sharing.

  • The Bandwidth Sharing card in Performance tab is only available to chefs in qualified regions. If you don't see the option in Performance then Bandwidth Sharing is not available in your country yet. Hold tight, we are working on making Bandwidth Sharing jobs available to as many chefs and regions as possible. 
    • Bandwidth Regions
      • USA
      • Australia
      • Great Britain
      • Denmark
      • Norway
      • Sweden
      • Japan
      • Italy
      • Canada
      • India
      • Germany
      • France
      • United Arab Emirates
      • Netherlands
      • South Africa
      • Switzerland
      • Argentina
      • South Korea

I enabled Bandwidth sharing, but I don't see any earnings. 
  • You may not have sufficient internet speed. If there are users with higher speeds ahead of you in the queue they will get workloads first. Bandwidth jobs are dependent on the needs of the network and jobs will be assigned to users with the highest speeds available. 
  • Workarounds  
    • Keep chopping chef! A spot is likely to open up in time. Remember that Bandwidth Sharing is based on the availability of Bandwidth workloads and it's normal to go a little while in between jobs.
    • Minimize other traffic on your connection. This might increase your speed and put you higher in the queue for jobs. 
    • You can try turning your router off, waiting two minutes and then turning it back on again. This will typically assign a new IP address to you. It might be helpful if, for whatever reason, your ISP flagged your old IP address. The new IP address should be fresh, and won’t have the ISP block. 

Can I earn XP while running Bandwidth workloads? 

  • Yes! Bandwidth sharing will earn Salad chefs XP.
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