Enable Virtualization on Dell PCs

Many commercially available PCs allow users to manage their BIOS configuration directly from the startup screen. These step-by-step guides will help you access and adjust the BIOS settings on prebuilt PCs manufactured by Dell.

If you don’t know what kind of CPU you have, please see Identifying Your CPU.

Accessing BIOS Setup

  1. Restart or boot your computer.
  2. When the Dell logo appears, press the F2 key to enter the BIOS Setup Utility.
  3. Using the arrow keys, navigate to the Advanced tab. (Some systems feature a separate Virtualization Support menu. If yours does, please choose this tab instead.)
  4. Select Virtualization from the menu.
  5. Enable Virtualization and Virtualization for Direct-IO (or VT-d, on Intel systems).
  6. Save your configuration and exit.
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