How Do I Redeem My ExitLag Rewards?

Redeeming keys (aka coupons) is actually quite simple. ExitLag subscription keys are redeemed on ExitLag’s website.

ExitLag Subscription Redemption

  1. Create an account on ExitLag’s website at
  2. You will receive an email—at the address you provided when creating your account—asking you to confirm your account. Use the link to confirm your account. 
  3. Log into your account at
  4. Navigate to and click on “My Account” in the top right corner of ExitLag’s website. 
  5. Click on “Prepaid codes” on the left-hand side navigation bar. 
  6. Enter the code you received from Salad in the field that says “Prepaid Code” and then click “Apply Code”. 

Experiencing Issues with Your Reward?

If you are experiencing issues activating or using your reward (such as having trouble entering your key, or an issue with the services not outlined in the above guide), you can contact ExitLag directly for assistance on their official support page.

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