How do I use my key?

Redeeming the key

Redeeming keys (aka coupons) is really quite simple, however it does vary a bit depending on the product in question.

Using it on a profile banner

  1. Select the banner you’d like over at
  2. Fill in the name you’d like on the banner and colour (if applicable), along with your email. Make sure to double check your email, as it’s where the final render will be delivered.
  3. Enter your key in the coupon field and press the apply button.
  4. Simply press order, and you’ll get your banner delivered to your email within 20-30 minutes.

Using it on a premium icon

A premium icon is one of our free icons, but with your own background. These normally cost $0.99.

  1. Select the icon you’d like, from the list of available icons over at Make sure the icon you’ve chosen supports a custom background, verify this by looking for the “custom background” tag beneath the icon name.
  2. Once you’ve found an icon you like, enter the name and colour (if applicable) that you’d like on it. We recommend keeping it as short as possible, as they get hard to read quite fast due to the small nature of Discord profile pictures.
  3. Press the upload background button and select the background you’d like. Now is a good time to preview your icon, to make sure it looks like you’re expecting it to. To do this, simply press the preview button, and wait up to a minute. Note: the preview in question is watermarked, and will not move. Once you’ve placed the order, the final render will not be watermarked, nor will it be static, it will be a fully animated gif.
  4. Once you’re happy with what it looks like, place the order button, and then the salad/boost button.
  5. You will now be prompted to enter your email and redemption key.
  6. Once you’ve entered them simply click order, and you’ll get your icon delivered to your email within 20-30 minutes.

Downloading your final render

Once your order is done rendering, you’ll get an email with a link to download your final renders. Simply click the download button in the email, and you’ll be presented with all files relating to your order.

Experiencing issues with your reward?

If you are experiencing issues activating or using your reward (such as having troubles entering your key, or an issue with the services not outlined in the above guide), you can contact directly for assistance, as we can only provide limited support. You can reply to the email you received from them to contact Support, or you can reach out to them on their Discord Server.

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