How to check if your Salad Installer is safe

It's important to make sure you've downloaded Salad from the right source, and that you have your hands on a legitimate bit of Salad Chopping software. Using third party builds of Salad, or downloading Salad from non-official sources, could result in your earnings being skimmed by bad actors, your account being breached, or possibly worse.

You can verify if the version of Salad you downloaded is legit by following this guide here:

  1. Open up Windows Powershell.

  2. Navigate into the folder where your installer, or application .exe is located. You can do this by typing the command "cd /directory". For example: "cd C:/Users/Cameron Davidson/Downloads". (If you have a space anywhere in the directory to the folder it's in, you'll need to put a pair of quotes "" around the full folder path.)

  3. Once you're here, run the "Get-FileHash /file-name.exe | Format-List" command. For example: "Get-FileHash Salad-0.5.8.exe | Format-List". This will return the Hash for the selected file.

  4. Then, compare the Hash to our Github Release page to check if your installer, or main salad.exe application is legit. If it doesn't match you should immediately remove it from your system, and run an Antivirus scan if installed.

Salad can safely be downloaded from two sources. Our official website, and our GitHub repository. The download domain for Salad is (accessible via and clicking the Download button), and our GitHub repository can be found here:

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