What is Salad’s business model?

Like any good Salad, our business model has multiple layers that strengthen the whole. Also like any good Salad, none of these layers involve selling your data to China. Here’s how it works.

The rewards that Salad offers, like game codes, gift cards, and other items, are often acquired at discount/wholesale prices. While we do our best to pass on these savings, we do mark up the redemption price to earn a small profit margin.

While mining may be the impetus for Salad, we have begun to diversify earning opportunities for chefs. To pay our users, we utilize our chefs GPU, CPU and Bandwidth resources to run a variety of workloads. A chef might share their bandwidth and run a complex containerized job one day, or chop proof of work the next.

SaladCloud offers a cloud computing resources for a wide range of technology companies and organizations. Even if we charge a fraction of the current cloud providers’ costs, these jobs earn both Salad and our users significantly more than the pennies per hour that mining generates. Of course, the availability of these tasks are a bit lower for now. So we will continue to offer blockchain networks as in addition to our new Container and Bandwidth workloads to pad out chefs Salad earnings.

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