Salad sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

While we offer high value rewards and an easy way to monetize your idle processing power, there are some definite limitations to Salad right now. We want to be as transparent about these limitations as possible, so our users can make an informed decision about choosing Salad.

The first, and biggest, issue for Salad is the profitability of cryptocurrency mining rates vs. the electricity cost to run your GPU. Be sure to check your local electricity rates against your earnings in Salad. While the profit may be slight, remember that mining is only one of three workloads we have available. We also try to offset this with discount rewards in the carousel that inflate the value of your earnings. Luckily, electricity cost is not be nearly as detrimental to Container workload earnings on the network.

However, Distributed Computing isn't a cure-all. While running these tasks usually net significantly more in earnings for users, they aren't always available. Each job runs for a set amount of time, and might not require the entire user-base to run its course. We imagine it would be exceedingly frustrating to run Salad and not get any jobs during that time frame, that’s why we’re using Cryptocurrency mining to establish a base earning rate and ensure that so long as you’re chopping Salad, you’re making money.

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