Digital Hygiene and Your Salad Balance

Sadly, the internet can be a dangerous place. While Salad certainly isn’t one of them, there are malicious actors like botnets, hackers, and others who’re after your accounts. Salad is a particularly tempting target, as you have actual money held in your account and instant liquidity.


Think of Salad as a mini bank account, and take all the precautions you normally would with such sensitive information, such as:


  • Keeping the password to your email secure and private
  • Never sharing your one-time codes
  • Using a password database, like KeePass
  • Never, ever, using the same password elsewhere


These steps and others will help protect the Balance that your computer worked so hard to earn, and ensure that you’re the one benefitting from it - not some hacker. We’re doing everything we can on our end to ensure your safety, but cybersecurity is a two way street, and we need your help to walk it properly.

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