Is Salad a virus?

If you've tried to run Salad with an antivirus software installed, such as Windows Defender, or Norton Antivirus, there's a good chance you might have received a popup letting you know that something from Salad has been blocked. Fortunately, this is just a false positive, and happens because the antivirus software you have installed is detecting the miner library plugins we use. These plugins are publicly available, commonly used plugins. Due to some actions taken by bad actors though, using these openly available, safe plugins makes us guilty by association, as antivirus programs are unable to differentiate between maliciously installed plugins, and when it's installed by Salad to earn you your balance.


Because of this, you may need to whitelist us in your antivirus program to allow your Salad app to earn. You can learn how to whitelist Salad in your antivirus software by following our guides here.


If you want to learn more about why Salad get's detected as a virus, you can read our blog post on this topic.

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