How to Reinstall GPU Drivers.

First, download the DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) tool. This program will fully uninstall your GPU drivers and return them to stock configuration. This tool is safe to use and has been around for a long while, utilized by professionals and enthusiasts alike. You can download DDU here:

To install, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the download mirror for your nearest region. Once it has downloaded, locate the file in your Downloads folder and extract it. After extracting, inside the folder you will find a file named: "DDU v18.0.2.8.exe." If you run this, it will ask to extract the file again. Click "OK." It will then create a folder named: "DDU v18.0.2.8." Navigate inside this folder, open, and then run the "Display Driver Uninstaller.exe." There will be a pop up if this is your first time running it, just click "OK," then "Close," then "OK." To recap, here's the process step by step:

  1. Download from mirror closest to your region
  2. After download, locate the file and extract it
  3. Open the folder and locate file: "DDU v18.0.2.8.exe"
  4. Run this file, hit "OK" when prompted to extract again
  5. Find the folder "DDU v18.0.2.8" and open it
  6. Find "Display Driver Uninstaller.exe" within the folder, run it
  7. Click through the pop-up that follows: "OK," "Close," and "OK."

On the right side of the app, there should be a selection tool which has "Audio" and "GPU" as an option. Select "GPU." After selecting this, it should automatically detect your drivers and display an image above the selection box. If it doesn't, simply select the option below it and choose NVIDIA or AMD depending on your GPU. Once you have selected this, click the "Clean and Restart" option. This should remove your GPU's drivers from your machine and restart your PC. Again, step by step:

  1. Find the selection tool with "Audio" and "GPU" on the right side of the app
  2. Select "GPU" to automatically detect your drivers
  3. If it doesn't do this, simply select the option below and choose "NVIDIA," or "AMD"
  4. After selection, click the "Clean and Restart" option. This removes the GPU drivers and restarts PC

Upon boot-up, you may see things look a little weird, or the resolution be oddly low. This is normal, as you have no drivers installed. Once you are logged back into Windows, open up your browser, and go to the official website for your GPU's drivers, and download the latest versions. Once you have downloaded them, run and install them and then give your PC a restart. Once you start back up, Salad should then be able to start up correctly and start earning.

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