Why Am I Not Earning?

Fear not chef - more than likely you’re not experiencing a Balance-busting bug. First, check to see if you’re in the “Prepping” stage, as indicated in the lower lefthand corner of the app. 


If your app is in the Prepping stage, Salad is currently configuring your machine, downloading miners, and transitioning into the “Chopping” phase. Depending on your particular PC and a few other factors, this can take anywhere from 15 - 90 minutes. So, go AFK and just let Salad do the work!

Now, if you see your App is in the “Chopping” stage, congrats! You’re much closer to raking in some Balance. However, the “Chopping” stage does not mean you’re automatically earning at a flat, constant rate. Due to the dynamics of Share Tracking, your Balance will update every 15 minutes, but you won’t earn the same amount for each interval.


The earnings are dynamic due to the “luck” involved in submitting shares. Sometimes your PC will go on a streak, perhaps earning you $2.00 in a single day. Yet, the next day you are significantly less lucky and only make $0.20. Thankfully, this tends to average out to the expected earning rate for your hardware, but it will not increase linearly. 

Indeed, this luck extends to each 15 minute interval - as sometimes you’ll get “lucky” and submit shares (earning Balance), while other time blocks may yield no earnings at all. If you’re “Chopping,” but not earning - Salad is still working as intended. Just give it some time, let the App run while you’re sleeping or away for several hours, and you will earn Balance over time.

If you’re in the “Chopping” phase and haven’t earned for 24 hours, or if your App is stuck in the “Prepping” phase all day - then you might have a genuine bug on your hands, and you should submit a support ticket and send us logs so we may investigate the issue.

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