My earning rate has dropped to 0


You may see intermittent drop-outs in earnings - there may be periods of $0.0000 earning rate.  Firstly, this is the nature of mining and sometimes you get unlucky. Keep in mind that Container workloads will vary depending on the needs to the network and you are not guaranteed to get a CPU or GPU Container 24/7. That said, there are some things you can do:

  1. Give it some time!  Your machine must be running Salad for a good chunk of time to increase the chances of it submitting a share to our pool.  If your machine submits a share then you will earn Salad balance for that period. For Container workloads, our most reliable chefs with the best hardware will get priority on the network. So make sure you are ready and able to chop Containers when they are available. 
  2. Know that 'lady luck' plays a big role.  Sometimes you may go hours without successfully submitting a share, particularly if you have a GPU with a low hashrate. The same goes for Containers, it's not unexpected to go hours or days without a Container job. 
  3. Salad runs best when it's the only program using your GPU.  If you're gaming or using software that requires hardware acceleration your earning rates will be negatively affected (...this decreases your chances of submitting shares).  Reminder: Salad is best used when afk!



Mining is a radically unreliable game, there seriously is no sure thing - sometimes you win, sometimes you don't.  Check out this 2 day plot of a 1070 submitting shares - it's all over the place! Again, be sure that Salad is the only program using your GPU to improve your chances.



If none of the above works and you never get an earning rate, consider these:

  1. Make sure Salad is not being blocked by your antivirus or firewall. You can follow our guide to solve this here
  2. If you're on a laptop, make sure you're plugged into power.
  3. Well, sometimes it's just not meant to be.  We can't offer any money for lost earning time, so if you're uncomfortable with this then please don't use Salad.
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