What's the difference between RAM and VRAM?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a general term for computer memory, which includes both SDRAM and VRAM. What is usually referred to as RAM is actually SDRAM, those sticks that you plug directly into your motherboard. This is what your PC uses to load your Operating System and run programs. It's also what Chrome tabs love to gobble up like the greedy hogs they are.

Video RAM (VRAM) is similar, but instead is dedicated solely to storing graphics data. The more VRAM your Graphics Card has, the more data it can process quickly, therefore improving things like:

  • Frame-rate
  • Rendering
  • Physics emulation
  • Texture Qualities

At Salad, we use your GPU to solve cryptographic equations on the various Blockchains and run Containerized workloads. These workloads require a lot of VRAM to successfully solve, at least 2GB+ to be exact. This makes gaming GPUs perfect for making you money when they're not generating explosions or shattering glass particles in the latest titles.

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