Is Salad healthy for my PC? (Yes!)

Contrary to common opinion, consumer Graphics Cards (GPUs) and CPUs are designed to run at peak performance 24/7, and Salad won’t tax your hardware more than playing Far Cry 5 or Battlefield V would. If you still have doubts, check out this article on whether mining will damage your GPU (spoiler, it won’t), or this one for your CPU.

However, we highly recommend that you take extreme caution overclocking your GPU or CPU while running Salad. While most GPUs have drivers and other fail-safes that prevent overheating, overclocking can put your card at an unnecessary risk for failure and even lasting damage. We also advise that you regularly clean your gaming PC, as dust build-up is one of the primary causes of overheating.

If an antivirus program has flagged Salad, we assure you that the application is not doing any harm to either your gaming PC or your privacy. The application is still new, and we're currently working with the major antivirus companies to get the program certified. If you're still worried, please contact Salad Support and we'll address any concerns you may have.

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