My Antivirus isn't listed here

Whilst we try our best to create guides for as many Antivirus Software's as possible, there is a chance we may have missed a few. If your Antivirus isn't listed here, we can still help. First, we recommend contacting Salad Support here to let us know we are missing an Antivirus guide; we will do our best to get one created for future users. Second, you can follow these basic steps below that may apply to your Antivirus.

Whitelisting Salad's miners

If Salad is being blocked by your Antivirus, you'll need to add a whitelist. The folder you need to whitelist can be found under "C:\ProgramData\Salad\workloads". If your Antivirus service does not support folder whitelists, you will need to add a whitelist for the individual miner .exe files. These can be found under "C:\ProgramData\Salad\workloads". In this directory, you can find all of the folders for the miner plugins we use, you'll need to whitelist each of the files within these folders.

Disabling Web-Shields

Your Antivirus may have a built-in web-shield or firewall service, if Salad is still being blocked after whitelisting the above path, you may need to disable this feature from your Antivirus, or add a whitelist for the miners. 

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