How to Whitelist Salad in Avast Antivirus

You can also view a video walkthrough here.

1. Open Avast

This will be the main screen you are presented within Avast, and is your base of virus-fighting operations.


2. Navigate to Settings 

You’ll want to click on "Menu" located on the upper right corner and click on the settings tab from the dropdown list.


3. Click Exceptions

You’ll want to navigate to the Exceptions tab  and click on "Add Exception", as pictured below.


4. Adding Salad as an exception

Salad v1.0.0 and Later: A dialogue box will appear once you have clicked ‘Add Exception’. In that dialogue box you’ll want to enter the filepath for Salad's miners. The filepath for this is “C:\ProgramData\Salad\workloads"

5. Click ‘Add Exception’

Once you’ve found the Salad folder and clicked it, hit ‘Add Exception’, and it will bring you back to the main Avast ‘Exception’ page with your newly added Exception.

6. Run Salad

Open the Salad widget again, and click play.

You can also view a video walkthrough for web shield here.

7.1. Still getting issues?

If you are still getting a warning that Salad has been blocked by Avast, or are still getting a popup within the Salad application, there may be another setting you need to temporarily disable whilst getting Salad chopping. You can re-enable this setting however once you get Salad chopping. 

7.2. Re-open Avast

Open Avast, and navigate back to the settings page above, however this time navigate into "Protection", as shown in the screenshot below.


7.3. Navigate to Core Shields

From here, navigate into the Core Shields settings, and scroll down until you see "Web Shield", as shown below.


7.3. Temporarily disable Web Shield

Turn off the web shield, and try starting Salad again and see if you are now able to get to the Chopping stage, and start earning. You can either disable this feature indefinitely until you know Salad is Chopping, or you can disable it for only 10 minutes which should be enough for Salad to start. If it doesn't, try disabling it for a bit longer. 

Once Salad is successfully Chopping, you can re-enable your Web Shield settings, and Salad should start as normal each time you start Salad, unless there are miner updates in which case you may need to go through this process again to allow Salad to download the miners required.

Open your Salad widget, and click the start button. Contact support here if this issue persists.

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