How to update Salad

Salad Desktop App v1.0.0:

When a new Salad widget update is available, we'll let you know with a push notification. Simply click the "Update Now" button to start installation. You can click the "Learn More" button to take you to our What's New page containing change logs.

Salad Desktop App v0.5.8

There are two types of Salad update, a web-app update, and an application update. These work slightly differently, and require different steps to update.

Web-app update

A web-app update is an update to the web application that Salad runs on, these usually are what we use for UI updates and changes, store updates, and Season updates. These updates will be accompanied with a new build number, found in the Desktop App Settings page, for example Build f6097e4. These can be updated by simply restarting the application, ensuring to fully close it out if you have the "Close to system tray" feature enabled. This is the most common type of update.

Application update

An application update is an update to your install of Salad, and can allow for the addition of brand new features, and updates to machine detection and configuration. These updates will be accompanied with a new application version number, for example v0.5.8. To update to the latest version, simply download it from the download page. We'll let you know in the app when there's a new version ready to download. We recommend always updating when there is a new version available, or some features may not be available to you, or may not work correctly. This type of update is less common.

You can view patch notes on our What's New page.

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