How to make a purchase

To redeem a reward on Salad, navigate in your web browser to the Store page and find the reward you're looking for by either scrolling through the Storefront or using the Search bar. Once you locate the reward you want, simply click it.


Now you should see the Reward Description page, where you'll find additional information about the item. We recommend double checking the name of the reward, the product description to ensure you are purchasing the right item, and ensuring it's for your region. You can also find the "BUY NOW" button at the top right, If you wish to purchase a reward, select this.


Now you should see the SaladPay transaction screen. This is the last step before your reward redemption is complete, and note that Salad plays for keeps! We do not offer refunds on purchases, so please ensure that the information and reward is correct before selecting "Pay with Salad." Once you've verified everything, click away.


Once clicked, the transaction should process and then you'll see a notification at the bottom left appear verifying your purchase and prompting you to check the Reward Vault where you'll find your reward code, if applicable.

If you have an issue with your reward, please contact us directly here.

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