How to Enter a Referral or Promo Code on Salad

You can only enter a referral code during the signup process. During your onboarding when you sign up to a new account, you'll be asked to either enter a referral code, or you can click a "Give me a bonus" button.

To enter your referral code

Enter the code in the white box, and click the tick symbol on the right side to enter it. Be sure not to click the "Give Me A Bonus!" button.

What if I don't have a referral code?

If you don't have a referral code, you can instead click the "Give Me A Bonus!" button, and we'll give you a special Salad referral code instead. This referral code will give you the same bonus as anyone else, so don't worry about missing out.

Remember, you can only use one promo or referral code on your account, so make sure you've got the right code or your referrer will not get their earning bonus.

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